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nutritional egg products
Josipa Kraša 3
49 247 Zlatar Bistrica, Croatia

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Quality policy

Elcon - nutritional products Ltd. on location Josipa Kraša 3, Zlatar Bistrica deals with the processing of eggs from the cage and floor rearing, in liquid, frozen and dehydrated (powdered) egg products, and packaging eggs.

The commitment of the company Elcon -nutritional products Ltd. for the quality management system is manifested through:

  • Continuous application of all the requirements of HR EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard with the continuous maintenance of the established system and continuous education of employees on the awareness and importance of quality,
  • Fulfillment the requirements of the Management Board and the wider community
  • Coordination of its activities with the principles of good hygiene and manufacturing pratcices and with applicable law, reffering to a welldeveloped awareness of environmental protection („caring for the environment"),
  • Continuous improvment of business in cooperation with suppliers and business partners,
  • Maintaining a high level of service that we offer to our clients by monitoring new technologies and applying them,
  • Taking care of employees,
  • Reviewing the policy and goals of the organization to act at any time in accordance with the vision and mission of the organization.

Quality policy as the essential document systems, as well as a declaration of commitment to quality and improvment, is published and allows all interested parties to get acquainted with the wiews of Elcon - nutritional products.

Esad Milak
general manager

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